Greg Gorman, Grace Jones, exhibition “Color Works”

Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin, 12/2015

With curator Harald Theiss and photographer Vincent Peters

Galerie 206 Berlin, 11/2015

Vincent Peters, Alexander McQueen, exhibition “In the Light”

Galerie 206 Berlin, 11/2015

Vera Mercer, Gambas, book release “LIFE”

Berlin, 11/2015

Brigitte Waldach, Notre Dame, exhibition “Welt”

Galerie Conrads Duesseldorf, 09/2015

With photographer Armin Morbach and journalist Marcello, opening of “Position before Pose”

Galerie 206 Berlin, 09/2015

Armin Morbach, Blue Frame, exhibition “Position before Pose”

Galerie 206 Berlin, 09/2015

Arlene Gottfried, exhibition “These Days”

Hardhitta Gallery Cologne, 09/2015

With DJ Hell during the shooting for his interview with SCENTURY

Westin Grand Hotel Berlin, 09/2015

Giovanni Gastel, festival St. Moritz Art Masters

St. Moritz, 08/2015

With Matthias Harder and Gerti Erfurt from the Helmut Newton Foundation

HNF Berlin, Summer 2015

Helmut Newton, Italian Vogue, exhibition “Newton. Horvat. Brodziak”

Helmut Newton Foundation Berlin, 06/2015

Platon, Specialist Patrick Quinn, exhibition “Service”

Boehm Chapel Cologne, 04/2015

With photographer Eva Hassmann, opening of “Good Girls”

The Art Scouts Gallery Berlin, 04/2015

Eva Hassmann, exhibition “Good Girls”

The Art Scouts Gallery Berlin, 04/2015

Salon K Privé

Berlin, 04/2015

Jamel Shabazz, exhibition “Reflections from the 80s”

Hardhitta Gallery Cologne, 03/2015

Arlene Gottfried, El Cotorito, exhibition “5 years – Six artists”

Hardhitta Gallery Cologne, 01/2015