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What clients say

"I worked with Nadine on various events and exhibition and her level of professionalism, her communication skills and her flexibility are incredible!!! A lot of curators, galleries and industry professionals can learn from her. All in all a true pleasure working with this fabulous woman! Sascha Lilic, international stylist, London

"Thank you so much you are truly the best Pr Person I have ever worked with !!" Marc Hom, photographer, NYC

"There is nothing cooler than having Nadine Dinter represent you in Europe, she is the one and only, so fresh." Christopher Makos, photographer, NYC

“Few people that I have come in contact with in my 45 years as a commercial and fine art photographer have shown the strength, dedication, focus and success rate as Nadine Dinter. I've been so fortunate to have worked with her twice in the last year, with results that far exceeded my expectations. Her diligence is backed by her professional, warm, friendly and accessible approach! All adding up to a big win on all counts! I can't wait for our next joint endeavor.” Greg Gorman, photographer, L.A.

“Nadine has great integrity. Her word means something. She sees a job to the end, and goes beyond what is expected. She runs towards challenges, not away. She makes a complicated project seem invisibly seamless.” Paul Solberg, photographer, NYC

“Nadine Dinter’s ability to tune into the fine details as well as the big picture of a project is unparallelled. Everything was handled strategically and with an enormous amount of creativity, guts and polish. Nadine is fearless and worked tirelessly – generating an enormous amount of press through her efforts.” Andrew Wilder, gallerist, L.A.

“I wish everyone in this business was as efficient, as simple, as matter of fact – and at the same time as friendly – as you have been every time we worked together. I hope it will happen again.”
Frank Horvat, photographer, Paris