Vadim Vasilis

Since the summer of 2022, French-Greek newcomer Vadim Vasilis has been working as a model. Sometimes in a cool production for the French cultural brand Jitrois, sometimes in a lively studio atmosphere of the legendary photographers Pierre & Gilles, Vasilis can hardly be described in one sentence… because he is unusual and changeable, edgy and classy at the same time, imposingly tattooed and hard to grasp. As a former professional athlete, he has the body of a feline athlete, while his face has striking – sometimes masculine, sometimes androgynous – and sculptural features; his essence, on the other hand, oscillates between mythology, John Wick, high fashion and UFO. Vadim captivates with the highest degree of flexibility, without ever sacrificing his authenticity. Always himself, he is on his way up.

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Current activities:
  • PR and positioning
  • Networking
  • Management