Corpus Delicti @The Ballery, Berlin

20 September – 21 October 2018

On 19 September 2018, the show “CORPUS DELICTI – 3 contemporary views on nude photography and staging the body” opened at The Ballery, a dynamic art gallery in the heart of Berlin-Schöneberg. With new photographic works by established and rising photographers Sonia Szóstak (*1990, Poland), Steven Kohlstock (*1982, Germany), and Simon Lohmeyer (*1989, Germany), this group exhibition articulates a contemporary status quo on the subject of nude photography and staging the body. It also takes up the current discourse on how much nudity is appropriate for display on social media and in public.

The exhibition “CORPUS DELICTI” explores how contemporary photographers perceive and stage the body, addressing issues such as intimacy, gender, and sexuality. Joining Sonia Szóstak with her female gaze on the female body and Steven Kohlstock with the male gaze on the male body is Simon Lohmeyer with his self-portraits and depictions of couples.