Robert Mapplethorpe: Behold the Lowly Vessel

through 24 August 2024 // Galerie Thomas Schulte, Berlin

While Robert Mapplethorpe’s photographs of flowers are well known, what is less discussed is the role of the specific set of objects often appearing within their carefully constructed compositions. Frequently drawn from the artist’s collection, the vases and bowls found in these still lifes reveal a deep appreciation for design – reflecting the confident eye and regard for classical form exemplified by his photographic work. It is this connection between the two that forms the starting point of Behold the Lowly Vessel at Galerie Thomas Schulte.

Bringing thoughtful arrangements of Mapplethorpe’s sensual, mostly black-and-white photographs, together with a collection of vases that has been inspired by them, the exhibition emerges from a distinctive approach. One that moves us to discover intimate moments of exchange — a personal journey through Mapplethorpe’s work and its profound resonances.

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