Helmut Newton Foundation, Berlin

The Helmut Newton Stiftung was founded by the man himself at the end of 2003. The foundation is governed by Swiss law, registered in Zürich. The aim of the international foundation is the preservation, protection and presentation of the photographic work of Helmut Newton and June Newton. Under the name of Alice Springs, the latter has produced a significant body of work in the genre of portrait photography since 1970. According to the wishes of Helmut Newton, the Foundation should not be a “dead museum,” but rather a “living institution.” Various aspects of Newton’s multifaceted, innovative and provocative works will be presented over a series of exhibitions. The works of other artists and photographers will also be presented in dialogue with Newton’s work.

Press work for the exhibitions
  • Magnum Photos. The Misfits
  • HOLLYWOOD. Stars at the Berlinale
  • America 1970s/80s
  • Body Performance
  • Helmut Newton. SUMO / Mark Arbeit. George Holz. Just Loomis. THREE BOYS FROM PASADENA / Photo Collection from Helmut and June
  • Saul Leiter. David Lynch. Helmut Newton: Nudes
  • Between Art & Fashion. Photographs from the Collection of Carla Sozzani / Alice Springs. Portraits
  • Guy Bourdin. Image Maker / Helmut Newton. A Gun for Hire / Angelo Marino. Another Story
  • Mario Testino. Undressed / Helmut Newton. Unseen / Jean Pigozzi. Pool Party
  • Alice Springs: The MEP Show / Helmut Newton: Yellow Press / Mart Engelen: Portraits
  • Helmut Newton: Pages from the Glossies / Greg Gorman: Color Works
  • Newton. Horvat. Brodziak
  • Helmut Newton: Permanent Loan Selection
  • Helmut Newton / Alice Springs: Us and Them // Helmut Newton: Sex and Landscapes
  • Helmut Newton: Paris Berlin. Exhibition Grand Palais 2012 // Greg Gorman: Men
  • Helmut Newton: World without Men / Archives de Nuit // Francois-Marie Banier: Portraits
  • Helmut Newton: White Women / Sleepless  Nights / Big Nudes
  • Helmut Newton Polaroids
  • Alice Springs
  • Sumo
  • Pigozzi and the Paparazzi