Salon K Privé

since 7 December 2018: new experience by Salon K Privé // City-West of Berlin

After taking a creative break and reassembling the circle of the participating artists, the renowned Salon K Privé and its founders Patrick King and Johan King Silverhult are back to Berlin as of 7 December 2018. In a new location which can be found right in the heart of the historic Berlin West, the artistic crew will be welcoming a selected amount of guests to their enthralling, voluptuous and sensual dreamscape, ready to celebrate the diversity. Deriving from a private salon, earlier only accessible by invitation, the international team (UK, USA, Jamaica, Germany, Romania, Kazakhstan, Scandinavia, and Italy) of Salon K Privé is featuring a 3 hour program filled with extraordinary dance, customised songs, unexpected encounters, and daring acrobatics, accompanied by a delicious dinner & champagne. Limited seating, a like-minded audience and the elegant setting allow each guest to engage in a singular experience of the performing arts and a journey to her/himself...

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