Nadine Dinter PR is a Berlin-based agency for public relations, pr consulting, and art administration services. The agency’s service spectrum ranges from classical press relations for cultural institutions to specialized consulting services for contemporary galleries, as well as public relations and promotion for concept stores and art spaces. Alongside its thematic focus of photography, Nadine Dinter PR also works across a variety of sectors including contemporary art, lifestyle, fashion & beauty, and art & commerce.

Nadine Dinter’s career began classically in the days of the “old economy”. After training to become a certified foreign language correspondent (English and French), she worked for several years in marketing for the pharmaceutical company Schering in Berlin. Nadine continued along this path at the German Academy for Public Relations (DAPR).

Following her certification as PR consultant, Nadine moved in 2001 to the U.S. for two years. During this time, she studied arts administration at the prestigious New York University and laid the groundwork for the creation of a German-American arts and culture network. Parallel to this, she worked at the renowned New York gallery White Columns and handled public relations and procurement for the camera club PPA – Pictorial Photographers of America.

Back in Berlin in 2003, she found her footing in the dynamic, booming world of the Berlin art gallery scene. One of her first stations was a pr project initiated by C/O Berlin for the company Canon; this was followed by work as director of Galerie Asperger and then as art manager for Alexander Ochs Galleries Berlin/Beijing. In 2006, Nadine drew on these multifaceted experiences to go into business for herself. Since then, her agency has upheld her mission to “consult, communicate, connect,” with a commitment to:

Reality Production

Through longstanding work with clients such as the Helmut Newton Foundation, St. Moritz Art Masters, Collection Wemhöner, Aveda, SCENTURY, and TASCHEN publishers, as well as international (photographic) artists such as Alice Springs, Christopher Makos, Marc Hom, David Drebin, Vincent Peters, Ellen von Unwerth, Frank Horvat, Greg Gorman, Jean Pigozzi, Lawrence Schiller, and Till Brönner, Nadine Dinter PR nurtures national and international networks that offer new clients diverse synergy effects and thus heightened visibility.

Both in the past as well as the future, Nadine Dinter PR approaches client relationships according to the slogan: Never with the nose high, but always a nose ahead!



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Nadine Dinter PR cooperates with external experts in the art and culture sectors:

Anja Sommer

Research, media monitoring, project assistance

Dr. Tanja Vonseelen

Editing, proofreading

Anna Eibl

Proofreading, project support and event management

Alisa Kotmair

Translation (DE > EN), English language copywriting and editing